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Background Removal

Perfect for eCommerce stores that need to remove the background from their images, align them, crop, resize and optimize for the web.

Advanced retouching

Boost eCommerce sales with advanced retouching add-ons. Invisible mannequin, adjust colours, add shadows , model retouching and more.

look book

Fashion Look Book Package

Combine model, background and apparel retouching into one simple service for beautiful look book images

retouching shadow

Natural Shadow

Add natural shadows to create a more realistic look for your product images

See our full list of add-ons

retouching model

Model Retouching

Balance skin tones, remove skin markings and reduce hair flyaways to enhance the look of your apparel

1,100 Projects Completed

With 10+ years of experience, our professionally trained team can help you improve product image quality while saving time and money. We are driven by a genuine passion for all things visual and love what we do!

Simple & Easy

Mirek Studio has developed an order process that is simple and easy to use. It takes less than 5 minutes to create a new order and upload images. Sit back and relax while our design team does the work.

Enter image specifications

Enter image specifications

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Upload your images

Mirek Studio processes images

Mirek Studio processes images.

1-3 days for regular projects (20-50 images)

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Download your images

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New user? Create a new order and get 3 free images with basic editing when you join us for the first time.

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What do they say

I was doing the retouching myself for thousand of images as well as many other tasks... I needed help! Our photographer recommended you and I decided to go ahead. It freed a really big amount of time for me and images are much better now. Staying natural is also important to us so retouching is minimal and tasteful. Mirek studios is great at always delivering great retouching for thousands of images in very short notice.

Finding a retoucher who's quality of work was excellent, reliable and consistent, and good value was hard. you have to start a relationship with someone to see how they work and if they're not available sometimes when you need them, your work suffers. I had heard good things about Mirek studio so I got in touch with Giles as I was needing a consistent retoucher who I could call on weekly if not daily. My workflow became so much more seamless. Which meant more time for downtime. Which is really important. Give them a go and see for yourself. Thank you for accommodating me all the time with my crazy deadlines and always being available and quick to respond to emails. You've got such a professional service that I've been completely happy with for the past couple of years now!

My biggest challenge was managing our growing work load and finding good people to work with because I didn't want to disappoint my clients. GILES IS THE MAN! You can trust him and his team 100% to deliver on time and on budget. Working together became a stress free seamless process. I highly recommended them. GILES GOES THE MILES!